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About Rejuvenation Dry Eye Center

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Our Approach to Dry Eye Treatment: Holistic, Innovative Care

Rejuvenation Dry Eye Center is the one-stop shop for comprehensive dry eye care in Allendale and the surrounding communities. The number of patients suffering from chronic dry eye and ocular surface disease is growing, which is why we aim to offer long-term care that allows them to put the discomfort of itchy, blurry, dry eyes behind them and enjoy comfortable, clear vision.

Dr. Nick Lillie of Rejuvenation Dry Eye Center and his family

Our Mission: To Inspire Hope

Above all else, it’s our goal to bring hope to our patients that they can find a solution to their dry eye and achieve clear, comfortable eyesight. To do this, we adhere to a core, patient-first philosophy that ensures we bring the best for our patients every time. This philosophy rests upon the core pillars that we’ve built our practice on:

  • Care. We meet every patient and situation with empathy, kindness, and enthusiasm.
  • Quality. We bring the best: in medical care, specialty lenses, outstanding eyewear, and anything that improves our patients’ experience.
  • Timeliness. Our patients’ needs are our priority — we always respond, schedule, and deliver as quickly as possible.
  • Expertise. Dr. Lillie and our team are adept caregivers, and optical experts, who adopt the industry’s latest-and-greatest care.

Meet Dr. Nick Lillie: The Dry Eye Guy – & Patient Advocate

Dr. Nick Lillie is passionate about offering quality eye care to the people in his hometown of Allendale. He received an extensive, wide-ranging education that has given him unique insight into dry eye disease care, including his training in ocular disease. Dr. Nick Lillie began the Rejuvenation Dry Eye Center to help meet the high patient demand for dry eye treatment and offer thorough, specialty care with options to treat anyone, regardless of circumstance.

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Check Out Dr. Nick Lillie’s YouTube Channel!

For inside information and answers to questions you’ve always wanted to know about dry eye, check out Dr. Nick Lillie’s YouTube channel! Every week he posts new content on a range of topics, including how to handle dry eye symptoms, what contacts can treat dry eye, and the various root causes of itchy eyes. Visit and subscribe to receive his excellent tips each week and become a dry eye expert yourself!

The team and staff at Rejuvenation Dry Eye Center in Allendale, MI

Our Dedicated Team

At Rejuvenation Dry Eye Center, each staff member brings a unique set of skills and expertise to the team, specifically tailored to supporting our patients with their dry eye disease. With the help of our cutting-edge technology and under the guidance of leading dry eye expert Dr. Nick Lillie, we will screen your eyes and craft a plan customized to your eyes and lifestyle.

Using the Most Advanced Technology

From our best-in-show diagnostic equipment to the industry leading light therapy tech like the OptiLight IPL from Lumenis, Rejuvenation has the most advanced dry eye instrumentation in the area. This allows us to get a thorough understanding of your eyes’ shape, prescription, and possible issues, which gives us important insight into the root causes of your condition. Thanks to this advanced technology and our wide range of treatment options, we can optimize your vision for a brighter tomorrow.
Dr. Nick Lillie and advanced dry eye diagnostic technology at Rejuvenation in MI

A Wide Range of Dry Eye Services

Our services include the full range of top-end treatment options available for dry eye, so that each patient’s plan is well-suited to their needs. These treatments include both prescription and over-the-counter eye drops, heat-based lid therapy, light therapy, punctal plugs, and more. If the research shows that a treatment works, then we have it. You’ll see that we do dry eye treatment better!

Find Relief Through the Rejuvenation Dry Eye Center

Our team can find the solution to any dry eye problem. Thanks to our large roster of treatment options ranging from light therapy to specialty eye drops and our expert team who help lead our patients to better sight, Rejuvenation excels at providing patients with personalized plans that are adapted to their specific needs. Book an appointment today to experience immediate relief and guarantee long-term quality of life improvements.
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Request an Appointment

Schedule a consultation to discover if our dry eye remedies can help you! We’re here to foster hope, unveil effective solutions, and guide your journey back to crystal-clear vision without discomfort.

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Refer Your Patient

We’re prepared to assist your patients in managing even the most persistent cases of dry eye disease. If you have a patient who would benefit from our services, give us a call. We would love to work with you!